CSPSE Seminar Series Spring 2021 - “Social Entrepreneurship in Context”: With Useful Tips for Publishing in Social Entrepreneurship

About this Webinar:

Social enterprise has come of age: it delivers social and public services around the world, a subject taught in leading universities (e.g., Harvard, Stanford to Oxford), and a fast-growing industry. However, much of our knowledge about social entrepreneurship comes from Western practices, experiences, and policies. Although Asia has unique traditions and experiences on social entrepreneurship, they remain under-represented in the global discourse on the field. This highlights the ‘context gap’ in theorizing and investigating social entrepreneurship.

This webinar aims to advance the field of social entrepreneurship by examining what is known and not known about the field, the institutional environments, and the action of social entrepreneurs in shaping the field in Asia.

Select authors will present their latest work in no more than 10 minutes each.

This event is a part of the Special Issue in ‘Social Entrepreneurship in Context’ in the Journal of Asian Public Policy (forthcoming in June 2021), edited by Yanto Chandra and Janelle Kerlin.

Check out the videos of this seminar on our Youtube Channel!

1. Prof. Simon Teasdale - New opportunities for publishable SE research (Youtube link)
2. Dr. Yanto Chandra - SE in context: pathways for new contributions in the field (Youtube link)
3. Dr. Janelle Kerlin - Strategic responses of social enterprises in China (Youtube link)
4. Prof. Bob Doherty and Dr. Gate Pichawadee Kittipanya-Ngam - The emergence and contested growth of SEs in Thailand (Youtube link)
5. Dr. Yanto Chandra - A scoping review of SE in the Greater China Region (Youtube link)
6. Ms. Meng Ye - The laws and policies of social enterprises in China (Youtube link)
7. Dr. Meng Zhao - Systemic change strategies of social enterprises in South Asia and South East Asia
8. Ms. Dalphine Ong - How social entrepreneurship can foster youth purpose development (Youtube link)

Date: 22 January, 2021 (Friday) 9 - 11 am Hong Kong Time
Venue: via Zoom
(Joining is free but registration is mandatory)